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Daycare Policies

  • All dogs in daycare must be...
    • 30 lbs. or less
    • spayed or neutered
    • current on rabies and bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations.
    • Must have been living with current guardian for at least 30 days.
  • Pre-registration and a two-hour supervised screening visit in the daycare playroom must be completed prior to the first day of daycare. After this initial screening visit, dogs will be accepted provisionally until they successfully complete at least three half-day daycare visits.
  • Owners are responsible for injuries their dogs inflict on other dogs.
  • Owners are responsible for providing their dogs appropriate protection against fleas.
  • Dogs who are a danger to themselves or others, including aggressive dogs and those who are prone to escaping their enclosures, may be placed in kennels. We reserve the right to refuse to book those dogs in the future.
  • Dogs found to be possibly contagious are not allowed into daycare and will be sent home. Please keep your sick pet home till they are happy and healthy and ready to play.
  • Owners of dogs over 13 years old or those with physical or medical conditions will be asked to sign a waiver releasing us from responsibility for illness or death of the pet. We also reserve the right to decline to book dogs over 13 or those with physical or medical conditions that pose a significant risk.
  • Dogs not picked up by 7 p.m. will be placed in the pet hotel and charged for one night's hotel stay. Late pick-ups must be cleared with the manager on duty and are reserved for emergencies or case by case scenarios.