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We groom all breeds of dogs and cats, incorporating many techniques developed in Japan to create a more sculpted look. All grooms are done to the specification of the pet owner, based on the way they want their dog or cat to look.

We offer a full range of pet grooming services:

  • Nail/ear/anal service: If your pet just needs its nails cut, ears cleaned and/or its anal gland expelled, we do it while you wait. This service is available from 9:30 am to 3:30pm Tuesday through Saturday only.
  • Simple Bath service: We’ll use all- natural shampoo matched to your pet’s needs to bathe your pet twice, apply a high quality natural conditioner, blow-dry and brush. (De-matting and nail/ear/anal service not included.)
  • Full Bath service: SimpleBath and nail/ear/anal service plus a light touch up, including a trim around its paws, tummy, face and hindquarters as needed.
  • Trim service: After providing a Full Bath service for your pet, we’ll do a trim to your specifications.
  • Special services: Face trims, pad trims, sanitary cuts, mat removal and brushing are provided on an a la carte basis.

 Well-behaved small and medium-sized dogs that play well with others
can be put in an open play area after grooming.

All dogs must be current on both rabies and bordetella vaccinations in order to be groomed or have their nails trimmed. Veterinary verification is required.